Bayer chooses Burgopak for international product launch of Levitra®

Posted on November 14, 2010

Bayer Healthcare has chosen the award-winning Burgopak Slider for its new treatment for erectile dysfunction – Levitra® 10 mg orodispersible tablets (ODT).

This is the third product line that Bayer has chosen to use the Burgopak Slider for, following Rennie® Ice and Rennie® Peppermint, their heartburn and indigestion products.

Thomas Proske, Global Brand manager for Levitra® at Bayer Healthcare says: “We chose the Burgopak design for our new Levitra formulation because it’s pocket-friendly, discreet and gives the product a playful edge over its competitors.  While it is patient safe and compliant, it also looks stylish and will appeal to our customers.”

With its packaging for Levitra® 10 mg ODT, Burgopak continues to strengthen its presence in the pharmaceutical industry

Bayer’s Levitra® 10 mg ODT will be available in France, Chile, Austria and Hungary during November/December 2010, with further countries to follow over the next six months.

Tim Clarke, CEO of Burgopak Healthcare & Technology says: “The innovative packaging design adds significant value to the brand as it’s slick, unique, and appealing to consumers, while supporting patient safety and compliance. In a highly competitive market, it offers differentiation and we’re delighted to continue working with Bayer.”

In 2008 the first automated Burgopak Slider was launched into the pharmaceutical market, offering companies a unique operating system that supports patient safety and compliance, and is robust, portable and user-friendly. These innovative pharmaceutical packs incorporate Burgopak’s patented sliding mechanism, keeping the patient information booklet, the blisters containing the medication and the branded outer carton conveniently connected at all times.