Burgopak listed in The Manufacturer’s “Top 10 products designed in the UK”

Posted on November 18, 2010

Burgopak listed in The Manufacturer’s “Top 10 products designed in the UK”

Source: The Manufacturer – Innovation, Design and PLM
Published: November 2010

Top 10 products designed in the UK
It is no secret that the public perception of manufacturing in this country is that it has been in a perpetual state of decline since the early 1970’s.
While the demise of Leyland was representative of a significant decline in UK operations, the UK manufacturing sector remains strong.

The Government’s commonly touted statistic that the UK is the world’s sixth largest manufacturer clearly flies in the face of any suggestion that UK manufacturing is obsolete.
While this is an interesting statistic, part of negative public opinion of manufacturing stems from the commonly publicised growth in offshore production, particularly in Asia. This article lists some of the most influential products which have been designed in the UK. To illustrate that important products are still not only designed in the UK but also engineered here, only one out the following top 10 products do not have a related manufacturing site in the UK. Can you guess which one? The answer is at the bottom of the article.

1 DB9 by Aston Martin
2 System on chips integrated circuits by ARM
3 Tracked Excavators by JCB
4 Gillette Fusion Gamer by P&G Gillette
5 Predator 130 by Sunseeker
6 Oyster by Aquamarine Power
7 Axial Flow Turbine by Bladon Jets
8 RealitySeven simulator by Thales
9 Medium Girder Bridge by WFEL
10 Burgopak Packaging by Burgopak

The Burgopak design was thought up by 34-year old designer and entrepreneur, Burgo Wharton 12 years ago. Its innovative patented sliding mechanism has since been used to package CDs, DVDs, gift cards, SIM cards, confectionary and mobile phones all over the world. Burgopak employs 60 people in four offices on three continents and has supplied over 90 million unique, desirable and innovative boxes using his patented sliding mechanism. In more recent years, the Burgopak design has moved into the pharmaceutical industry and is now being used by leading pharmaceutical companies, Bayer and Sanofi-Aventis.

The innovative pharmaceutical packs incorporate Burgopak’s patented sliding mechanism, keeping the patient information booklet, blisters and outer carton conveniently connected at all times.

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