Sanofi’s DolipraneLib in a Burgopak slider wins French pharmacy award

Posted on August 16, 2011

Sanofi-Aventis’ DolipraneLib is one of five products to have been honoured at the Impact Pharmacien awards in France. The paracetamol product utilising Burgopak Healthcare & Technology’s slider, was distinguished in the ‘Family Medicine’ category of the awards, which recognises products that have had the greatest contribution to pharmacies in France this year.

Isabelle Senges, Product Manager at Doliprane, Sanofi-aventis states: “DolipraneLib is the OTC brand of Doliprane. Doliprane, in its 60 years, has always been close to the consumers. We have launched a wide variety of dosages. DolipraneLib is a turning point in the products history with how we have innovated in terms of packaging. The slider opening system is very original and very modern. For us it is very important to receive this award as a recognition of a change in our innovations.”

Burgopak’s patented sliding mechanism has a number of unique attributes that has helped to differentiate DolipraneLib in a crowded and highly competitive market.  The slider design intelligently ensures the product, and its vital information, are easily accessible to the user whenever they need to access their medication.

Burgopak understands that the greatest challenge in healthcare packaging is to improve patient compliance. If the packaging and artwork are designed well, this will enhance the patients experience and should assist with the correct usage of the product. Tim Clarke, CEO of Burgopak says: “The Burgopak slider design offers a revolutionary and innovative way to deliver product in the highly competitive OTC market.  To be chosen by Sanofi Aventis to launch such a historical consumer brand in the Burgopak slider was a huge honour.  Winning this award is recognition that the Burgopak slider design adds significant value to the brand, the pharmacy industry and their consumers.”

DolipraneLib OTC product became available in French pharmacies at the end of 2010. For further information on IMPACT PHARMACIEN please visit their website: