Another Award Win for the Burgopak Child Resistant Slider Pack!

Posted on April 16, 2012

Burgopak Healthcare and Technology are pleased to announce that their Child Resistant Slider Pack has been awarded the HCPC Award for Innovative Design. This is the second award for the design this year, in February the pack won the Child Resistant Category at Pharmapack Paris.

The judges for the HCPC award agreed on the innovative, novel design of the Burgopak package, as their ratings on its features including its ability to increase pharmaceutical compliance, the innovative design, unique packaging features and user friendliness all garnered it a similar score to the top winning package of 2011. One judge commented that he is “anxious see what impact this unique configuration can have on patient adherence.” The package was only one point away from scoring the same judges score of that of the 2012 Commercial Compliance Package of the Year, demonstrating the potential the solution has to offer to the market.

Child Resistant Packaging

The Burgopak Child Resistant (CR) Slider pack incorporates the engaging operating system of the original Burgopak design. To open the Burgopak CR Slider the patient has to push two buttons, one on either side of the pack while simultaneously pulling the end tab. The pack opens to reveal the blister, held in a plastic tray on one side and the patient information in an easy to read booklet format on the other. Once the patient has accessed the medication they simply push the end tab back into the pack and it re-engages the CR lock. As the pack itself is CR, there is no additional requirement for tougher CR blister foils, making the pack easier to use for both seniors and those with reduced dexterity. Calendar blister formats can also be used to further assist adherence.

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