The Chrysalis Carton: A New Packaging Solution Brought to Market by Medica Packaging Ltd and Burgopak Healthcare & Technology.

Posted on April 18, 2013

The Chrysalis Carton is a new packaging solution brought to market by Medica Packaging Ltd and Burgopak Healthcare & Technology.

The solution connects the outer carton and patient information leaflet (P.I.L) conveniently together. The patient pulls a perforated flap on the carton to expose the patient leaflet, which they can easily unfold to display the product information. Once the information has been read the patient can easily refold the leaflet and return neatly and simply into the carton.

In a pharmaceutical and healthcare application the pack encourages compliance from the patient. Important information about the medication is conveniently connected to the carton for the entirety of the products life cycle, whether it is a prescriptive or an over-the-counter drug. The design allows maximum room inside the carton for the product, eliminating unnecessary space and therefore having potential to reduce the overall size of the pack.

Increased legislative demands have resulted in larger leaflets that can be difficult to pack in-line. The Chrysalis Carton offers a robust, streamlined option that runs efficiently and effectively, reducing the incidence of leaflets jamming, poor product insertion and costly equipment downtime. The packs can be specially designed to fit client requirements with a variety of leaflet sizes and panel configurations, while also allowing the supply chain to deal with one single component rather than two separate articles.

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