Are you Looking for a way to Enhance your Vitamin, Mineral & Supplements Products?

Posted on June 29, 2013

Packaging is the least expensive form of advertising; it can enhance the perceived value of your product whilst providing you with a point of difference in a highly competitive market.

Burgopak’s new VMS packaging service helps to transform your packaging into a unique selling point through engaging structural design. A specifically sourced VMS supply chain enables project delivery within a 12-week timeframe; click here to find out more.

Single Vitamin & Minerals Pack

Vitafoods Presentation

To coincide with the launch of this new VMS packaging service, Burgopak recently presented at Vitafoods 2013. The presentation, entitled ‘Functional Packaging for Modern Life’, explores the challenges and influences of modern day life on packaging design. 

The presentation uses case studies to explore the benefits of functional packaging for consumers and the value it adds for brand owners. To receive  the presentation free of charge, please get in contact.

As well as blistered products, Burgopak are able to offer a range of solutions for a variety of different VMS products, from sachets to soft capsules. Burgopak work closely with you throughout the entire project to create a packaging solution that works best for your brand and your product.
If you’d like to receive some VMS packaging samples then please get in contact.