Ethical, quality & environmental policies & procedures


Ethics is at the core of everything we do at Burgopak. Burgopak was established because we wanted to use our creativity to benefit people, business and the environment. We strongly believe in social responsibility and in the value that individuals and organisations can make in improving the world.

This document sets out our ethical policy and what we believe to be good business practice. We aim to adhere to these statements at all times and, as far as we reasonably can, ensure that our preferred manufacturing partners around the world adhere to similar policies.

These policies have been adopted by Burgopak Holdings Limited and apply to all members of the Burgopak Group, including Burgopak Ltd, Burgopak France Ltd, Burgopak Germany Ltd, Burgopak USA LLC, Burgopak Packaging Design (Shenzhen) Ltd.

Our Objectives

Burgopak believes we should act in a way that aims to improve things for others, whilst at the same time ensuring no harm results from our commercial actions. Further, we aim to work with organisations that try to bring about positive change in the community and the wider world in which we live.

Practical Ethical & Ecological Contributions

We aim to:

* Offer recycled paper stocks to clients when appropriate

* Recycle as much of our in-house waste as possible

* Support like-minded organisations

* Be open and honest with our clients and suppliers

* Use public transport as much as possible

* Prevent waste by educating clients about efficient and low-impact printing methods

* Be friendly and tolerant! It is important to be well-mannered, personable people.

Burgopak will not act in any way that undermines our ethical policies, nor undertake any work that is illegal or likely to cause offence to our clients, the industry in which we operate, or society as a whole.

Ethical Policies

Burgopak seeks to conduct its business in a responsible manner. The Ethical Policies below set out our objectives and commitments to create favourable operational ethics for our employees, our manufacturing partners, and our clients.

Whilst we fully audit all manufacturing partners before granting them licensed supplier status, we continually strive to ensure our suppliers operate in full compliance with all applicable local laws and regulations within their respective countries.  We also monitor their order processing and quality control procedures to ensure ongoing performance.

Equal Opportunities

Burgopak is an equal opportunities employer offering employment based on ability, irrespective of gender, race, creed, nationality, or political or religious considerations. We also aim to work with manufacturers and other suppliers who adopt similar policies.

Quality & Safety

Burgopak endeavours to only work with manufacturing suppliers who ensure their employees work in a safe environment free from hazardous conditions. We inspect our suppliers’ factories to determine whether they are well lit and ventilated, aisles and fire exits accessible, machinery maintained to a high standard and hazardous materials stored away or disposed of. We insist that our suppliers meet the highest standards of quality relating to materials used, and functionality of product in order that our products meet with required client quality and functionality standards.

Under Age Labour

Burgopak inspects potential suppliers and verifies that our suppliers comply with all local employment laws and in particular do not employ child labour. Within reasonable means, we also recommend our suppliers work only with vendors / subcontractors that also comply with local employment regulations on the same issue(s).

The Environment

Burgopak have set out our own environmental statement (see later section).  We also inspect all manufacturing suppliers to verify that they conduct their manufacturing activities in accordance with local environment laws and regulations. Burgopak aims to work with manufacturing suppliers to ensure that paper materials are purchased from suppliers who provide assurances concerning supply from sustainable and replenished forests.

Burgopak will work with its suppliers to ensure a mutual understanding of and reduction in the environmental impact of raw materials products and their transportation.

Environmental Policies

Burgopak is a privately owned design and packaging solutions company that exemplifies the best traditions of British design.  The company is built on a solid foundation of well protected Intellectual Property which is constantly being expanded.  The company’s business model centres on the utilisation of this Intellectual Property together with multinational brand owning organizations, their agencies and contract packing firms.

Burgopak recognizes environmentally sensitive packaging and processes are important to our clients, and makes every effort to meet those needs without diminishing quality. We champion innovation and solutions that enable our customers to truly differentiate their packaging in the marketplace.  However, we will always strive to pursue ecologically friendly products and technology wherever and whenever possible to minimize our footprint on the environment.

Burgopak offers its customers a number of ways to protect the environment and to reduce the environmental impacts of their packaging.  Here are some of the ways Burgopak does this:

Burgopak offers environmentally sound materials:

* Paper and Cardboard:

* Paper & board made wholly or partially from recycled material

* Paper & board which is suitable for recycling

Burgopak is investigating the use of paper and board from forests and woodlands certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and has licensed an FSC accredited manufacturer.

* Glues which are non-toxic

* Ink which is vegetable based

* Bands which are biodegradable

* Biodegradable / recycled pulp trays (alternative to plastic)

Burgopak uses manufacturers that are able to offer environmentally sound alternatives. We also design packaging with a view to minimising waste and the use of material consistent with maintaining the advantages of the Burgopak sliding tray mechanism

Burgopak packages are re-used:  Instead of throwing a Burgopak box away, customers keep the boxes for use in the home because of the fun of using the Burgopak box over and over again.

QA / QC Procedures


We ensure a quality approach through the use of:

* Production materials and substrates during the development process whenever possible.

* Quality checks by persons with the appropriate skills at every development and production milestone.

* A documented approval system.

* The latest calibrated CAD and proofing systems across our office and production locations.

* A bespoke project management system.

* Online digital asset management.

Internal Quality Control

* Team of 3 Production / Account Managers located in UK

* Team of 4 Production / Account Managers located in USA

* Team of 4 Production / Account Managers located in Germany

* Team of 3 Production / QC Managers located in China

* Teams of Artworkers  / Structural Engineers located in UK, Germany USA & China

To ensure each project is handled and managed efficiently, Burgopak have dedicated production handlers who monitor every stage of the project production progress with the selected manufacturing partner.

Processing involves:

* Client enquiry

* Initial Quote / Indicative Schedule sent to client

Assuming client approves above and wishes to proceed with order:

1. Burgopak produces initial in-house project prototype sample for client comment / approval.

2. Client provides PO to Burgopak

3. Burgopak confirms clear & understood material specifications & finishes requirements.

4. When time permits, Benchmark sample (white) produced by manufacturing partner and sent to Burgopak to ensure correct materials & construction.

5. Burgopak approval / Sign off of manufacturer Benchmark Sample.

6. Burgopak sends product die-lines to client for artworking

7. Client sends art files to Burgopak.

8. Burgopak checks client art files to ensure compatibility with product die-lines.

9. Burgopak amends client art files if necessary to ensure compatibility with die-lines.

10. Customer provides final sign-off on artwork and grids (triggers production and provision of estimated delivery date)

11. Files uploaded to relevant Burgopak office for final check before providing to selected manufacturer.

12. Local on-site QC management of manufacturer & project.

13. Responsible Burgopak office checks progress & on-time schedule, ex-works and shipping schedule.

The above procedures are dependent upon client demands regarding timing and are sometimes changed in order to meet customer requirements. In such cases, Burgopak always communicates the risks of shortcuts to the customer.

External Supplier Quality Control

HK / China Office containing supplier QA / QC assessment team.

Every supplier undertakes and manages their print & packaging assembly production QA / QC processing programme in their own specified manner.  However, there are a number of key points that Burgopak insists upon:

* Initial Production prototype (white sample) from manufacturer to establish Quality Standards related to that specific project.

* In-line QA / QC check on every stage of print & assembly.

* Final QC check at end of assembly line on each completed unit produced (correct assembly & functionality).

* Sufficient drying / settling time before packing goods.

* Careful packing of product to ensure no crushing / damage to functionality.

* On-time ex-works for scheduled shipping dates.

* Consistent quality on repeat orders based upon previous Production prototype.

* No changing of material or substrates without advising Burgopak and providing proposed change material for prior approval.

Supplier Accreditations

Supplier Certification

Burgopak has copies of all certifications held by its licensed manufacturing suppliers and will supply information regarding them to clients on request.

Vendor Qualification Document

Burgopak completes a comprehensive qualification document prior to approving a licensed manufacturing supplier.  Should this document need to be viewed, it is available to clients on request.