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Pharmaceutical Packaging 

Burgopak’s pharmaceutical blister packaging employs a patented design that presents the product using a sliding mechanism.

All of our blister designs can be adapted to fit the requirements of any tablet or capsule, and provide the following functional benefits for your patients:

      • Supports improved patient compliance/adherence by keeping the patient information leaflet (PIL) and medication connected at all times.
      • Calendarisation features can be incorporated into the design, aiding improved communication and patient engagement.
      • Robust and compact design keeps the pack intact for the patient and consumer on the move.

As well providing benefits for patients, our pharmaceutical packaging also delivers added value for brand owners:

      • Unique printable areas provide billboard space for improved brand communication.
      • Dynamic designs inspired by an engaging and differentiating opening and closing mechanism.
      • The design can be adapted for child resistant and enhanced opening variants.

Burgopak’s pharmaceutical packaging solutions are fully optimised for automated production at our manufacturing partners facilities, and we are able to deliver our solutions to a global audience.

To receive some samples of our pharmaceutical packaging products please get in touch.