3D Animation

Burgopak offers a range of 3D rendering services, from animations to interactive PDFs. 3D visualisations are a cost effective way of creating an accurate representation of the product before physical samples are made and can be integrated as part of the pitch process.

Structure, texture, colour and material choice can be communicated through photo realistic renderings and 360° visualisation. This is especially beneficial when expensive inks and finishes are being used in print. Renders realistically depict the final effect without the need for a wet proof.

Animations are useful to display the function of a pack with moving parts. Animations can also be tailored for use within your advertising or marketing campaigns. We can optimise animations to suit clients needs, whether it be a large screen at a trade show or a banner on a website.

The American based company ‘Great American Days’ requested an animation of a gift card pack to be used on their website. Click here to read more about our work for Great American days. <GAD website or case study page>