• Chrysalis Carton
  • Chrysalis Carton
  • Chrysalis Carton

Chrysalis Carton Solution

The patented Chrysalis Carton offers an intelligent solution to the storage of patient information leaflets (PIL):

The Chrysalis Carton Solution:

    • Allows for easy storage of a compact leaflet
    • Offers maximum room for a range of pharmaceutical products
    • Reduces overall size of outer packaging
    • Supports patient compliance

Simplified Manufacturing Process:

    • Streamline your manufacturing processes
    • Minimise equipment downtime
    • Reduce poor product insertion
    • Integrates into your current production line

In a pharmaceutical and healthcare application the pack encourages compliance from the patient. Important information about the medication is conveniently connected to the outer carton for the entirety of the products lifecycle, whether it is an ethical prescriptive or an over-the-counter drug.

The Chrysalis Carton is brought to market by Burgopak Healthcare & Technology and manufactured under license by Medica Packaging Ltd.

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